Welcome to Cue Bid Cruises - Fun and Exciting Bridge Tours

We create a special cruising experience for you. We join you on non bridge activities during the cruise. These include welcoming you onboard with a fun cocktail party, a night or two (or three) of dancing, visits during lunch and a final cocktail party with hors d'oeuvres highlighted by an awards ceremony. Dinners together are the most popular. We even help coordinate tours.

In March 2018, Jeff and Jennifer hosted their third bridge cruise. This time they sailed to South America. The bridge was terrific and the camaraderie actually reached new levels. Months later many new friends gained on this cruise were planning their next get together. There are always enough players for our afternoon and evening games and our morning workshops have increased in popularity.

Our next cruise takes us on a one way cruise from Anchorage (Seward), Alaska to Vancouver. This will be a special silver points cruise and will give players the chance to visit Denali. In March 2020, we travel to South East Asia. As we sail from Singapore to Bangkok up the Vietnamese Coast to Hong Kong. Join us as we celebrate Jennifer's return to her birthplace.

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