Our Players Love Our Cruises

This was my 8th cruise. We liked the ship as we booked the same room for 2018. The dining room was great. I really liked that we got together at an assigned table and dined. I thought it was the most fun I had on any cruise. A group of us got together for cocktails every night and had such a good time we are continuing to meet after we got home.

---- Joyce Field


The material in the classes peaked my interest. I found the bidding and play strategies useful. The End Play and discarding were intriguing. I look forward to using what I learned.

----Rami Razouk



The evening games were more lively after dinner and drinks!

The cocktail parties and the dances were a lot of fun. They allowed us to see another side of our fellow bridge players. We don't get to see that in our regular bridge classes. I felt that we bonded and I feel closer to my cruise colleagues. Jeff danced with every lady and encouraged us all to get up on the dance floor. He is a great dancer. His final cocktail party was really nice with free drinks and hors d'oevres.

I expected the whales to breach and then did not on my Icy Straight Excursion. However, I loved, loved my excursion in Juneau. The helicopter ride was spectacular and the dog sledding on the glacier so much fun. Bob T. and I took turns mushing!

---- Kate Pecarovich


On my first trip to Europe I learned, "If they want everything like home -- then just stay there. Our group was so amiable and there was so much caring for each other. I loved getting to meet other bridge players. One non-playing spouse told me, "I am really glad to know that he (husband) really does play bridge."

I don't think I missed any classes and I found them all worthwhile. I liked learning how to get rid of a suit as part of the Strip & End Play. I was a bad girl though; I didn't take notes.

I am a sun person. Previously I enjoyed the pool deck on a cruise. Now that I know bridge, all I need is a deck of cards.

---- Norma Nicolson


Norma Dancing with Jeff

There must have been one Celebrity staff member for every 2 passengers, all eager to help us have the best vacation ever. My cabin was luxurious with two big sliding glass windows that opened onto my balcony. Every morning I had breakfast delivered to my room and sat out on the balcony wearing one of the ship's robes, drinking hot coffee and watching scenery go by that I didn't know existed.

There was a party atmosphere on the ship, which transferred into the afternoon bridge games, especially since most of us had just had a lovely lunch together. In the evenings we went from the Martini Bar to wine and good food in the dining room, to the bridge room. We all played a lot better in the evenings. Then on to dancing and a show.

The organized excursions were fun, but I thought exploring was better. At Icy Straight Point Kate and I went for a hike with Jeff and Jenni and discovered a home brewery where we enjoyed excellent beer and company. In Juneau we discovered an authentic Alaskan bar and met up with several of our shipmates who were drinking and singing along with the bawdy songs.

---- Valerie Turner